H9/HV1800-2200 Sapphire Crystal Lens Cover , 0.5-50mm Thick Synthetic Sapphire Glass

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: tianzhili
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Packaging Details: Conventional packaging plastic packaging box foam cotton carton
Detail Information
Product Name: Sapphire Filament Material: Artificial Sapphire
Custom Made: Can Be Customized Color: Clear Transparent
Transmissivity: 85%-95% Shape: Thin Strip
Use: Optics Hardness: H9/HV1800-2200
High Light:

sapphire glass watch face


custom sapphire glass

Product Description



H9/HV1800-2200 Sapphire Crystal Lens Cover , 0.5-50mm Thick Synthetic Sapphire Glass



Product Description:




Main Specs of Optical Window
  Product Name Optical Window
Diameter &Tolerance 3.0~350±0.025mm
Parallelism ±30 arc sec
Thickness &Tolerance 0.15-100±0.025m
Surface Flatness 1/20Lambda
Surface Quality 10-5
Material BK7/quartz/sapphire/Ge/CaF2/ZnSe/BaF2/ZnS/KBr
Beveling 0.2mm×45°
Clear aperture >90%
Coating AR coatimg
Reflective coating
Dichroic film



Sapphire Glass Feature:


- High hardness - 9H

- Scratch resistance

- Abrasion resistance

- High mechanical strength

- High temperature resistance

- Good thermal stability

- High optical production rate


Sapphire has excellent light transmission in the spectral range of 170nm to 5300nm, and the infrared transmittance is hardly changed with temperature, and the working temperature can reach 1900 °C. This feature enables people to use the artificial sapphire window to be in the high pressure chamber. Spectroscopic analysis was performed in the body. Therefore, the commonly used pulling sapphire crystal material is made into various infrared and ultraviolet windows and lenses, high temperature observation window, laser window, etc., and is manufactured by infrared analyzer, night vision device, guide instrument, laser beauty instrument, bar code reader, sapphire pressure. Key components of the sensor, high temperature, low temperature viewing window.

Please try to offer more details as below when you place an order:


1. Buyer offers an original sample or related mounting parts and special request for attention or change.


2. If you are unable to provide samples, please provide drawings or try to provide more details.


We can provide flat/single domed/double domed and other shape watch glass,Welcome to email us.



Synthetic Sapphire Window Technique Index :


Property Specification
Thickness 0.5-50mm
Size tolerance 0.02mm
Edge Finish Ground and beveled
Surface Quality 40-20 scratch-dig
Surface Flatness λ/4 @ 633 nm
Parallelism ≤3 arc min (≤0.9 mrad)
Clear Aperture >80% of central diameter
Hardness (Knoop) 1370 kg mm-2
Young's modulus 3.4 x 1011 N m-2
Thermal Limit 22 W m-1 K-1
Thermal expansion coefficient 8.4 x 10-6 K-1



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H9/HV1800-2200 Sapphire Crystal Lens Cover , 0.5-50mm Thick Synthetic Sapphire Glass 0




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